The only limitation is the one you set in your own mind.


The Only Limitation

is the one you set in your own mind

In our last article we listed the most effective ways to retain existing customers. Email marketing took the cake as both the most effective, and the cheapest! If you missed that, you can review it HERE.

What’s Stunting Your Business Growth?

One great thing about email in the modern age of technology is it’s extremely measurable.  That is a huge component of any successful marketing campaign. However, many companies aren’t even using email marketing, let alone using it correctly.

We ask every one of our prospects, “What marketing channels are you currently using, and what’s working?” It’s no surprise many of them say a large percentage of their inbound business comes from “Word of Mouth.”

Yes, word of mouth is arguably the most powerful form of marketing, but it’s not the be-all-end-all. In fact, it takes the longest time to turn into the marketing machine it’s expected to be. Not to mention it’s very hard to measure an “ROI of Word-of-mouth” because quite frankly… it’s not for sale.

"What surprises us is a staggering number of businesses think word of mouth replaces other inbound sales efforts."

5 %
of word-of-mouth results from a consumer’s direct experience with a product or service.

On top of that, you need to really WOW them. If they got what they expected, it’s simply another transaction and nobody is going to talk about their experience. This works in both a positive and negative light. If you really screw up… that may be enough to propel someone into writing a horrible review or influencing their network to boycott your product or service.

Go above and beyond for every client.

The big question is what else can you be doing? Before you can wow customers, you first need to get their attention. This is a huge challenge for many business owners. At the end of the day, they got into business to provide a great product or service, not become a marketing guru. Nobody has time to focus on staying on top of marketing trends and strategies in addition to running their business and selling to more clients.

Luckily, that’s exactly why we got into business.

Restoring the American Dream

We noticed a huge disconnect in growing a business in modern times. You used to be able to start a business, run it fairly, and provide a great product or service. Do these things and you were set for success.

Those days have come and gone. Traditional marketing methods have become reserved for the large elite company, and the small business owners are left to figure out digital marketing or go unheard of.

FunnelKake started as a way to restore the American Dream by allowing small business owners to focus on selling great products and services.

So what’s stopping you from reaching your business goals?

Not enough resources? Lack of ideas? Self limitation?

Maybe it’s a digital marketing problem we can help with. Reach out to one of our customer acquisition specialists and let’s start the conversation.


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