Frequently Asked Questions

Why should my business invest in digital marketing?

Attention is a precious commodity. With increased competition for customer attention, traditional outbound methods of selling are losing effectiveness. Your customers are no longer interested in giving you five minutes to hear your pitch. What they are after is value. Instead of focusing your sales strategy on your needs (i.e. hitting your sales quota for the month or your revenue goals for the year), you need a customer centric approach. It means understanding where they are in the buying journey, providing relevant information that answers their questions and concerns, guiding them to your product or service, and turning customers into advocates.

What is your approach to digital marketing?

We believe your digital marketing is most effective as an integrated funnel. Without a consistent message, strategy, and execution of your funnel, you will fail to create value for your customers, suffer subpar conversion, and increase the cost to acquire new customers.

How are you different from other digital marketing companies?

We put skin in the game. We partner with you. Marketers often make outsize claims about return on investment, but refuse to put their money where their mouth is. This results in promises made but not delivered on. Our differentiator is simple: we win when you win, and only when you win. Our profit model is based on commission, so if our efforts don’t translate into sales then we don’t make money.

Why is there an upfront cost?

An integrated funnel takes time and investment to do properly. Advertising is expensive and increasingly competitive. Organic traffic can take many months to build traction. The environment is constantly changing in the direction of increasing technical complexity. If there was no upfront cost, we’d have all the risk, and you would have none. Our model isn’t no risk, it is shared risk.

Why can’t I DIY?

Do-it-yourself (DIY) is possible but difficult for most small business, startup, and ecommerce owners since it requires either the retention of technology personnel, potentially unrelated to their core business, or for the owner to learn digital marketing. Not to mention the licensing cost of the various tools needed to create and maintain the funnel. Since the web is world wide, competition isn’t constrained to a locality; this is why it is critical to hire professionals with the skills and experience to get the job correctly.

Why can’t I utilize a point solution?

You can, but it’s not as effective and more competitive due to a lower barrier to entry. Execution and integration of message and strategy across different channels is the holy grail of digital marketing. Ideally, our efforts will achieve balance across three main performance areas:

  • Paid media (PPC, Retargeting, Display Advertising, Directory Advertising, etc) helps you put your message in front of prospective customers and can drive new customer acquisition for your brand.
  • Earned media (SEO, Social Sharing, Social Mentions, Reviews, etc) decreases customer acquisition cost by improving conversion through online word-of-mouth and amplifying brand exposure.
  • Owned media (Website, Social Media Channels, E-mail Newsletter, etc) will allow you to provide interactive experiences for your customers and most importantly YOU OWN IT! Owned media doesn’t go away because you stopped paying Google and Facebook for advertising.

Do you have experience in my industry?

We are pioneers in the ecommerce and digital marketing industry, creating one of the first shopping carts in 1994 and one of the first integrated marketing platforms in 2007. In this time, we have executed funnels for thousands of different clients. More importantly, 70% of our work is consistent from client to client, utilizing proven data-driven practices. The 30% difference is your unique brand, message, story, products, services, and strategy. Our idea here is simple: there are a basic set of digital marketing processes that SMB’s need to be invested into in order to create a good digital experience for their customers. We call this an integrated funnel.

How long until I see results?

Constructing and integrating your funnel will take 1 to 3 months depending on its current condition. We will start delivering sales results through advertising quickly, but we will not have an efficient and predictable flow of sales until our traffic sources and website conversion are optimized. Overall, implementing an integrated, cross-channel funnel requires time and patience, but should be fully operational within 6 to 12 months of starting with us.

Who is FunnelKake?

We are a team of digital marketers, technologists, and entrepreneurs located in one office in Bethlehem, PA. We have decades of experience in digital marketing ranging from one of the first ecommerce agencies, a marketing automation company, and now our unique FunnelKake partnership. Small-medium size business has always been our focus and our goal is to make online business models accessible to the average American business owner through our partnership.

Will advertising work for me?

We are almost certain to bring you leads and sales with advertising. The real question is whether or not advertising is sustainable. If the cost to acquire the customer is consistently higher than the lifetime value of each customer, then you will eventually advertise yourself out of business. We should be able to advertise sustainably by using campaign performance data to optimize your spending. This is becoming harder and harder to do as more businesses are advertising online and has the lowest barrier to entry in terms of ease of execution. This is why an integrated, cross-channel funnel is so critical to your digital marketing success.